Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Mine, Wilkes County, GA
March 21, 2005

My wife, Barbara, and I showed up at the site about 9:00am.   Being a Monday, I had little response to the invitation that I had given for other people to join us, so it was just the two of us.   It was cloudy all day and though still rather warm, a bright, sunny day would have helped in spotting amethyst crystals.   The road to the pit was muddy and being in the van rather than the truck, we decided to park under the power lines and walk in.  

Road to the pit.
Active pit filled with water.
A view of the pump and pit.
Super Rodney busted this boulder.
Barbara and a view of one of the spoil piles.
Mickey checking a freshly busted boulder.

We surfaced collected until noon and found several small amethyst pieces and crystals in the tailings.   We stopped and ate lunch, and afterward I decided to break boulders to find amethyst.   At first, I had trouble deciding which boulders to break.   I soon realized that the best bets were the boulders that looked the most porous regardless of size.   As I started breaking these boulders, I found many with pockets and several with pale to medium amethyst crystals.   The pockets are lined with small needle quartz and the large amethyst crystals have grown right onto these small quartz points.   The pockets are then filled with either a purplish or red clay.  Check out Rodney Moore's web site at Dixie Euhedrals.

Pieces and small crystals
Small crystal matrix
Small crystal matrix
Medium crystal matrix
Medium crystal matrix
Crystal cluster matrix